Abilene, Texas

On our way to Abilene Texas we stopped in Waco to check out the Magnolia silos. Anyone who watching HGTV show Fixer Upper knows exactly where we are. We enjoyed the dog friendly atmosphere and then got back on the road.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. We managed to cook all the fixings for an entire Thanksgiving dinner in our tiny T@B. We used out 3 Quart instant pot to cook the turkey and everything else one at a time on the stove stop. We even managed to make and eat our vegetables.  Once we were done eating, we decided to take a drive over to some of the stores and check out their black Friday deals. We went into Walmart and everyone was standing around with empty carts not moving. We stopped and asked someone what was going on. Apparently, it was too cold outside for people to wait so they were letting shoppers wait inside until the store officially opened. They had to wait to start grabbing those black Friday items. Did we mention it was 45 degrees out? Not very cold for us New Englanders. We managed to get all our shopping done. The next day we wrapped and prepared to ship home for those little ones we were going to be missing this Christmas.

We would wear are patriots gear out and about while running errands. We were reminded a few times we were in cowboy country. The time had come, and it was time to move on to New Mexico.

Austin, Texas

Beautiful day for a ride to Austin Texas. The 70-degree weather and full sun made the ride to Austin Texas amazing. We drove through the hill country with wineries and distilleries all along the way. We never ended up stopping at any of them. We arrived at the Austin East KOA and were greeted by a lovely workamping couple. Workamping is something we are interested in doing at some point. Workcamping is when you exchange a campsite in the campground for a certain amount of work hours. We were escorted to our site and they made sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable. The campground is newer and is exceptionally clean.

The next day we met up with a fellow TABer we met about 3 years ago at a rally. We kept in touch through the years and we knew, if we came to Austin, we had to see them. We met at the Whole Foods downtown. We were overwhelmed by the amount of choices they had for lunch and ended up with just a coffee and a Danish. A huge bonus to Austin is, most places are dog friendly, so we were able to bring Bella and Bentley with us. We forgot their leashes, so we went to a local shop around the corner and picked them up a second set of leashes to keep in the car. Any time we can bring Bella and Bentley with us makes for a great day!

“Keep Austin Weird” is the slogan for Austin. Well, we had to see what this was all about so that night we decided to check out downtown Austin. We ended up downtown in the upper-class area of the city so nothing too crazy going on. We were able to walk up to the capitol building and get some cool pictures at night. The funny thing about Austin is, we are in shorts and short sleeves and everyone is all bundled up as if it’s freezing out. We were loving the weather! FINALLY, the warmer weather we were looking for.

The next couple of days were busy running errands and catching up on life. Saturday, we look a ride down to San Antonio. San Antonio is 91 miles from Austin but only took an hour and fifteen minutes. You can go fast on the highways down here, like 80! The road to San Antonio reminded me of route one in Saugus on your way into Boston. We parked a block from the Alamo and walked to it. So, the Alamo we envisioned being in the middle of nowhere all by itself. We were wrong! The Alamo is in the heart of the city with lots of tourist things to do across the street. We had Bella and Bentley with us, so we did not do the tour. The San Antonio River Walk is a MUST SEE. We were able to take the dogs with us along the river that is below the city. It’s lined with restaurants and shops. We sat outside by the river and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Eating lunch on the river walk in San Antonio

Patriots Sunday, we must watch the game but where will we watch? The Patriots were playing the Cowboys and we were in cowboy land. Where will we watch the game where we will not stick out like a sore thumb? Bo was able to find us another Patriots Fan club. The Austin Patriots Fan club is at B.D. Riley’s we enjoyed another game with a Patriots fan club. There were raffles and prizes being given away along with an announcer. It is where Boston meets Austin. We had lots of fun!

It is now 80 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, everything we had been wishing for! This was the first day since we left home the weather was everything we had hoped for and more. We went to the Barton Spring Pool. It was a natural habitat pool with lifeguards and a diving board. You lay on the edge with the Austin City skyline as your backdrop. It was just an amazing time and we look forward to going back soon.

The next day we pent the afternoon shooting some YouTube videos and hanging around the campground. We went over to talk with a couple who owned an Alto. We thought maybe we had seen them in New York with the North Eat T@B and Friends camping group. We ended up spending the afternoon, going to dinner, and then hung by the campfire with our new friends Gwen and Jim. The next morning it was time for us to leave and head to Abilene, Texas. We will be meeting up with Jim and Gwen out on the road soon!

Welcome to Texas!

Welcome to Texas! This is very exciting for us as we never thought we would make it as far as Texas! It is so exciting to be driving through Texas. When we were planning, we knew Texas was somewhere we wanted to spend some time in and now we are here! Unfortunately, there is rare record-breaking cold snap following us. We woke up after our first night in Texas to no water and our water filter being cracked and with water frozen in it. The bathhouse water was barely running so it gives us the opportunity to use our gym membership at planet fitness to shower.

The next day we headed down another 220 miles to Fredericksburg Texas to meet up with the RV Entrepreneur group for the weekend. We were so excited to meet up with other like minded individuals. We were camping at Jelly Stone in Wine country Fredericksburg. The first night we had wine by the pool and headed to Fredericksburg Brewery. We were surprised to see so many Youtubers we follow. We were star struck. These Youtubers were some of the channels that had inspired us to start out on this great adventure.

On Saturday there was a hike scheduled for 10AM. Unfortunately, the park had stopped admitting people in so they wouldn’t be overcrowded. So, next best thing, we went to a winery with the group to sample the local wine. It was a couple hours of fun and laughs.

Saturday night we had a potluck dinner in one of the big rooms at the campground. More of our favorite Youtube personalities arrived to share in the fun. It was fun to meet more people and share stories with everyone.

Sunday morning just about everyone was up early. I mean 6AM early. We were all meeting in the same big room to see the premier of The RVers on the Discovery Channel. A few of the people in the show were there, along with executive producers and creators to help promote it and share it with the group. We had coffee and donuts and watched the premier. It’s on Sunday morning at 8:00 Eastern. There are currently 6 episodes to air.

After a great weekend of making new friends and sharing stories, it was time to pack everything up and head to Austin, TX for the next leg of our adventure. We were having so much fun we did not take any pictures. (Whoops) Check out our YouTube channel for our newest video on our first weekend in Texas.

Lloyd Park Campground in Texas

Hot Springs, Arkansas

We arrived in Hot Springs, Arkansas on Sunday, November 3rd. It was a relatively quick ride from Memphis, a little under 4 hours. The weather was sunny and 65. This was hot compared to the thirties in Memphis we experienced. The area is beautiful. The lakes here are amazing. We checked into Leisure Landing RV Park, a small campground on Lake Hamilton. We had a full hook up including wi-fi and cable. We were greeted by the owner asking if we were the Russell’s. He had a pile of brochures for us giving us ideas on what to do in the town. This was something we had not experienced at a campground before and were excited to know there was lots to do in the area.  Very nice greeting and tons of information on what we can do while we’re here. Well, let’s just say, we won’t have enough time to do half the things there is to do before we leave. Patriots were playing today and our cable at the campground did not have the channel we needed. We ended up at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. We pulled in and there were a couple of other Patriots fans walking in. Phew we were not alone. The patriots ended up losing their first game of the season.  

Fishing seemed to be a good way to pass some of our down time. I was able to get a 7-day license at the local convenience store. Well, the idea was good, but they have been draining the lake by 6 inches a day. They do this so winter months kill the algae. Needless to say, fishing off the shore wasn’t a good option. Renting a boat sounded good but VERY expensive. I took to Facebook Marketplace and found an inflatable boat for $30. Still in the box. Woman drove over 30 miles to meet us. That was perfect for what i needed to fish. 

Downtown Hot Springs is a great place too. It is in the middle of Hot Springs National Park.  We walked through the town and had lunch at one of the bath houses. Of course, tried some of the local brew made there. We were even able to bring Bella and Bentley in with us. There is also a casino and horse track here in town. We will no doubt be making a visit there on a rainy day. Hot Springs is a cute little town that happens to have a national park going through it. You go down Central Ave and there are businesses on one side and the national park on the other. We drove up to the tower in the national park to get a good view of the area and the lakes but the elevator was broken. Bo made it up about a third of the way before turning back and Crystal about two thirds before turning back. We later ran into people we met walking up the tower and the elevator was fixed, and they were able to ride it down. HA!

A rainy day so we decided to check out an internet café called San Fancisco Bread Company. They had big comfy chairs in front of a fire place and TV. This was like being at home. We spent a couple hours getting caught up on life with Wifi. We later went to the Casino to try our luck at some gambling. Well we are not winners, we broke even. We went over to a local steak house called Coltons. This was the eve of the start of hunting season. You could see all the guys taking their ladies out since they won’t see them for a couple of months.

We came across Lake Catherine State Park when we were looking to photograph a waterfall. Bo had just learned how to do a long exposure on the camera and wanted to try it out on a waterfall. We found the first trail that was nicely paved and was only a short 5/8 of a mile walk. We found a little creek with little water movement. We wanted more water movement so we stopped into the state park visitor center and they gave us the trail where there would be a more stunning waterfall. We had Bella and Bentley with us so we were not sure how they would do on the 2 mile hike. The ranger gave us a shorter hike to get in only a half mile. The start of the trail was super easy and wide, going the shorter way to the falls meant we were going in the opposite direction as the other hikers. We got to the falls; they were beautiful. We hung out there for a while playing with the camera and talking with other hikers. We thought since the walk there was so easy, and Bella and Bentley were doing just fine we would continue on the two-mile trail back. This was a narrow trail with rocks and roots on the ground. There were several stone steps we would have to go up, some we had to carry Bella. We ended up finishing the hike and are so proud of Bella and Bentley for being such troopers.

Check our YouTube Channel for the Hot Springs, Arkansas video.

New Video – 100 Nights

We spent 100 consecutive nights in our 2020 T@B 400 Boondock lite. Wow, we feel like we have run a marathon of 100 nights of sleep. Check out what we thought with our video on YouTube called 100 Nights in our 2020 T@B 400! Thanks for watching, and as always please remember to subscribe, like, and share!

In front of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas


Hi Y’all! We are so excited to be asked to collaborate with Travels with Delaney on our one MUST HAVE RV item. You all know we were missing our fluff but thanks to our friend Christine we no longer are missing it, so what could this item be? Check out Travel with Delaney’s video to see what our MUST HAVE item is!

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Toilet Paper

These three rolls of toilet paper are causing me so much anxiety. I am sure there are some of you out there that find three rolls of toilet paper acceptable. I would have to disagree with you and am sitting here in pure panic to think anyone has less than this in their bathroom. LOL In our sticks and bricks home I require, at the minimum, the giant package from BJs or Costco as my emergency stash. Each bathroom has a minimum of nine extra rolls per bathroom. Since we have downsized, I have one bathroom in our RV and lack the amount of storage for these three rolls never mind any more than this. We are looking to have more simplicity in our lives, but I cannot seem to get past the need for an abundance of toilet paper.  This is something that keeps me up at night, anyone else?