Abilene, Texas

On our way to Abilene Texas we stopped in Waco to check out the Magnolia silos. Anyone who watching HGTV show Fixer Upper knows exactly where we are. We enjoyed the dog friendly atmosphere and then got back on the road.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. We managed to cook all the fixings for an entire Thanksgiving dinner in our tiny T@B. We used out 3 Quart instant pot to cook the turkey and everything else one at a time on the stove stop. We even managed to make and eat our vegetables.  Once we were done eating, we decided to take a drive over to some of the stores and check out their black Friday deals. We went into Walmart and everyone was standing around with empty carts not moving. We stopped and asked someone what was going on. Apparently, it was too cold outside for people to wait so they were letting shoppers wait inside until the store officially opened. They had to wait to start grabbing those black Friday items. Did we mention it was 45 degrees out? Not very cold for us New Englanders. We managed to get all our shopping done. The next day we wrapped and prepared to ship home for those little ones we were going to be missing this Christmas.

We would wear are patriots gear out and about while running errands. We were reminded a few times we were in cowboy country. The time had come, and it was time to move on to New Mexico.


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