Welcome to Texas!

Welcome to Texas! This is very exciting for us as we never thought we would make it as far as Texas! It is so exciting to be driving through Texas. When we were planning, we knew Texas was somewhere we wanted to spend some time in and now we are here! Unfortunately, there is rare record-breaking cold snap following us. We woke up after our first night in Texas to no water and our water filter being cracked and with water frozen in it. The bathhouse water was barely running so it gives us the opportunity to use our gym membership at planet fitness to shower.

The next day we headed down another 220 miles to Fredericksburg Texas to meet up with the RV Entrepreneur group for the weekend. We were so excited to meet up with other like minded individuals. We were camping at Jelly Stone in Wine country Fredericksburg. The first night we had wine by the pool and headed to Fredericksburg Brewery. We were surprised to see so many Youtubers we follow. We were star struck. These Youtubers were some of the channels that had inspired us to start out on this great adventure.

On Saturday there was a hike scheduled for 10AM. Unfortunately, the park had stopped admitting people in so they wouldn’t be overcrowded. So, next best thing, we went to a winery with the group to sample the local wine. It was a couple hours of fun and laughs.

Saturday night we had a potluck dinner in one of the big rooms at the campground. More of our favorite Youtube personalities arrived to share in the fun. It was fun to meet more people and share stories with everyone.

Sunday morning just about everyone was up early. I mean 6AM early. We were all meeting in the same big room to see the premier of The RVers on the Discovery Channel. A few of the people in the show were there, along with executive producers and creators to help promote it and share it with the group. We had coffee and donuts and watched the premier. It’s on Sunday morning at 8:00 Eastern. There are currently 6 episodes to air.

After a great weekend of making new friends and sharing stories, it was time to pack everything up and head to Austin, TX for the next leg of our adventure. We were having so much fun we did not take any pictures. (Whoops) Check out our YouTube channel for our newest video on our first weekend in Texas.

Lloyd Park Campground in Texas

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