Vacation or our new lifestyle?

We have been on the road for more than 30 days now. What at the beginning felt like being on vacation is slowly transitioning to, this is our lifestyle? Everyday is not a vacation trust us! But we still need to transition to this being our lifestyle. We now have a new way of grocery shopping, doing laundry, and connecting with our friends and family.

Grocery shopping used to be a mindless activity. We would have a running list we knew where everything was, and we would be able to get in and out quickly. We knew the times of day the store was most crowded and when we could get away with no one else being in the store. Being full time on the road means you will never know where you regular items are. You will need to have a constant list going and you must shop more often as you do not have enough room to keep a weeks’ worth of groceries in your fridge.

Oh Laundry… the never-ending chore that needs to be done. At home this was constantly being done in our basement and more times than not being ignored. While on the road we must find a laundromat that has above 4 stars as a rating. It would be helpful if the place takes credit cards cause if it doesn’t, we must get quarters. While this all seems like a lot of work, we do enjoy being able to get all our laundry done and folded within an hour and a half. We kind of wish we had focused this much on it at home we would have always had clean clothes.

When at home it was easy to see friends and family. We had calendars we would fill with different events. We were always coming and going doing something. Being on the road we do not have the luxury of just meeting up, but we do have the phone. We have found some of our relationships with friends and family have grown closer since we now make an effort to talk with them once a week. Face-time is wonderful, you can see your friends and family. This certainly does not take the place of being home with them but does help the homesickness you can get while on the road. Our connections since leaving I feel have been greater so for that we are grateful for this trip. When we get home, we will want to make sure we are no longer filling our calendars with mindless activities.


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