More on Kentucky

Our first discoveries upon arrival is that you cannot purchase fluff (We have half a jar left). Kroger does not sell extra sharp white cheese; this is going to have a huge impact on our cheese drawer, Kentucky is known for their bourbon, during prohibition everyone abandoned the area and its home of the original KFC.

After spending a week here and going without fluff and extra sharp cheddar cheese, we have learned a lot about the distillery process and what a Kentucky hug is. In case you are wondering, a Kentucky hug is  the burn you get when you’re drinking bourbon.

In continuing our trip along the Bourbon trail, we went on a tour at Jeptha Creed. Jeptha Creed is a mother daughter owned distillery. They produce all their own ingredients to go into their products. The bourbon is made with a special corn called bloody butchers’ corn.

We finally had a chance to get over to Claudia Sanders Dinner House where we had an amazing dinner. We were in love with the fried chicken and look forward to going back once they improve on their service. 😊

Being in one location for a couple of weeks has allowed us some down time to take the puppies for walks on the local trails, go to the gym, make meals at the camper. We had enough of down time and went over to Louisville to check out whiskey row and the Bluegrass Brewing Company.  Whiskey Row is a street that has distilleries lined down them. We were not able to get on the tour, but we did sit and have a drink at Old Forester and had our passport stamped. Did I mention the Bourbon Trail has a passport that you get stamped at each distillery?

We can not forget the fabulous Talon Winery we visited. The woman who served our sampling was so nice and very knowledgeable about the winery. The winery has a numbering system where one was dry and six was sweet. This helped us be able to find the wines we would like quickly.

Kentucky would not be complete without one more bourbon tour at Buffalo Trace. We had a FREE tour, we sampled 4 different bourbons and bourbon balls. If you have not had a bourbon ball, we highly recommend you have one! Buffalo Trace is a historical landmark as well as the only continuously running distillery. They are the only distillery that did not close during the prohibition because they were able to use their bourbon for medicinal purposes. During that time everyone and their mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, neighbor, and horses were “sick” so they could get their hands-on bourbon.

We have enjoyed Kentucky, but I think our liver is ready for us to leave.

On to Nashville!

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