Shelbyville, Kentucky Visitor Center

We arrived in Kentucky at our campground, Guist Creek Marina and Campground on Monday night. We knew they’d be closed but they said we just had to find site 21 and check in the next day. Yes, we promised our family we would not travel at night, but we were almost there and wanted to get settled instead of staying in another parking lot for the night. Well, let’s just say it wasn’t quite that easy. There are mostly seasonal campers at the marina and the signage they have is less than adequate. We drove around a little bit in the pitch black. We were waiting to hear banjo music. YIKES! We decided to leave and come back in the morning. We ended up staying in the local Walmart parking lot.

The next morning it was much easier to find where we needed to go. The check in was uneventful and we got all set up.  Later, we made a trip into the little town of Shelbyville. We stopped into the Shelbyville, KY Visitor Center.  We were greeted there with a very warm welcome.  The best question asked was, “So, what brings y’all to Kentucky?” We both looked at each other and said, “Good Question?” and had a laugh.  

The girl provided us with a ton of information to help our stay here be enjoyable. She mentioned a restaurant called Claudia Sanders Dinner House. She added “Yes, the Colonel’s wife” and we both had a light bulb moment. Ooooohhhhhh right…. we’re in Kentucky, Colonel Sanders, duh! Claudia Sanders Dinner House is the real original recipe, not the one at KFC. There is lots to do here, especially if you’re a bourbon fan. 

Across the street from our campground is Bulleit Distillery. We went over for our first ever bourbon tour. We were not sure of what the difference between whiskey and bourbon was. Our wonderful tour guide gave us detail, the law says, to be bourbon there must be more than 51% of corn in the process. There are other factors as well, but that’s the main thing.

We enjoyed out first bourbon tour so much we decided to work our way through the bourbon trail. Our next tour was at Wild Turkey. We learned that they get their corn within 80 miles of their location. The distilling process has really interested us, and we look forward to learning more about it. After the tour we were driving back to campground and on the highway, there was a sign that mentioned home of the famous “Bourbon Ball”. We had to see what this “Bourbon Ball” was all about. We stopped at the Rebecca Ruth Candy shop for a tour. We learned chocolate is a fruit so we will be sure to add this to our diet immediately. Rebecca Ruth Candy uses as much of the original equipment Ruth Booe used in 1939 when she originated the Bourbon Balls. When the tour is over you end in a museum like room loaded with lots of antiques.

Our trip in Kentucky has been quite eventful so we have decided to stay another week.

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