Once we knew we were going to go around the country we knew our first stop had to be Ohio to meet with our T@B friends. It ended up being our third stop since we left early but it made it feel like the final start of the trip. We were greeted by a couple next to us who were hanging out beside their T@B. We felt like we were coming home, every T@B that rolled in weather we knew them or not stopped and said hello.

We arrived on Friday, so that evening was busy catching up with old friends getting to know new friends who camp with the Ohio T@B & Friends group. Saturday, we went wine tasting at Black Sheep Vineyard. We enjoyed a couple of glasses of their wine before heading back to get ready for the potluck. We had so many camping tables lined up and full off food. The circle around the campfire (we had four propane fire pits going) kept getting bigger and bigger as more people joined. A great evening full of advice and travel stories.

We could not leave Ohio without stopping in Sugarcreek by the Nϋcamp factory where out camper is built. It was so nice to walk in and see familiar faces as well as a few new ones. They always treat you like family from the moment you walk in the door. This is what made us stay with Nϋcamp when we upgraded to our new camper the T@B 400. On our way out of town we stopped at the Dutch Valley Restaurant for a traditional Amish meal. YUM our bellies were full, and it was time to hit the road.


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