Three States in Three Days

We joined the 7th Annual Northeast T@B and Friends camping trip in Verona New York at the Villages at turning stone. This was by far our most favorite campground we have stayed at. There are a lot of factors that went into this but most of all the price! It was $45 ish a night to stay there with full hookups, cable, Wi-Fi, daily trash pickup, and a shuttle to the casino. We really loved it there so if you are in the area we highly recommend camping there. Did I mention clean too? We enjoyed meeting new friends and look forward to camping again with them next year.

The trip to Ohio was a bit further than we thought pulling the camper so we ended up stopping in Pennsylvania for the night in the town of Cranberry to stay at their Walmart. In the morning we left and started out for Ohio and ended up going through West Virginia which was a complete surprise for us. We need a little lesson in our geography, as we travel, we are finding out states are not where we always thought they were, but glad we can laugh at ourselves and move on.

One response to “Three States in Three Days”

  1. Funny how those states aren’t where you expect them to be!

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