Our First Stop – Massachusetts

We drove twenty miles to our first stop Salisbury Beach State Reservation in Salisbury MA. Our friend Kathy was at our bon voyage party and said she was going up to the beach for the weekend. We had no reason we could not start our trip sooner, so we did. We booked a few days in advance and were able to get a site a few over from Kathy. The morning we were leaving dad said his friend was going to be up there, so he booked for one night as well. The town of Salisbury had Salisbury Days going on during this weekend which brought lots of people to the beach. We never ended up leaving the beach, but we decided we would now call this weekend Kathy Days since we were there to see her.

We were only 20 miles to our first stop which allowed us to have visitors. We were overwhelmed by the friends and family who wanted to see us before we left. We had beautiful weather and lots of fun, but the time came, and we had to leave. Next stop Burlington Vermont.


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  1. May you be blessed with safe travel, good health, and lots of wonderful experiences. Let the fun begin! No guts, no glory! Love, Aunt Beth

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