Why Cross Roads?

Our first camper was a 2017 T@B 320 S by Nücamp. in June of 2017 we absolutely fell in love with her and ended up purchasing. We had been tent camping that Memorial Day weekend and decided it was not for Crystal. Our search started to find a tiny camper that could be towed behind Bo’s 2013 two door Jeep Wrangler. We went from dealer to dealer, but nothing seemed to stand out. One salesman even tried to sell us a hybrid camper which looking back on we would have never been able to pull. Once we saw the T@B we were in love! The quality and care that went into making this tiny camper we knew we had to have it. When the dealership was not very helpful to work with, we ended up canceling our deal but couldn’t stop thinking about this tiny camper. We had to “eat crow” and call back and tell them we really wanted the camper.

When the tiny T@B was purchased, we were both at a crossroad in our lives. The tiny T@B was just what we both needed. Later that year we ended up purchasing a house on Cross Road, another sign she was meant to be Cross Roads. CR is also Crystal’s initials which put the final stamp of approval that our 320 T@B was meant to be named Cross Roads.

We no longer own our 320 T@B but Cross Roads will forever be in our hearts, she was our “gateway” camper.


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