Meet Bella & Bentley

Photo Credit: Kathy C

Bella, 9 years old and weighs 6 pounds. Bella does NOT like long walks on the beach, instead she prefers to be in your lap being pat. If you stop patting Bella, she will nudge you until you keep patting her.

Bentley, 5 years old and weighs 5.5 pounds. Bentley is known for being a nervous Nelly. He wants to sniff everything around him and then pee on it.

Bella and Bentley were adopted 3 years ago from the Northeast Animal shelter in Salem, MA as a bonded pair.  They were found malnourished with a breeder down south in Georgia. A DNA test was recently done on Bella and Bentley and it came back they are both 100% Miki.

They now spend their time in a tiny camper traveling around the country for the next six months.


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